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Our progression towards a world of open information – where data is freely available and exchangeable has been fast and furious; a boon to researchers of every stripe. Today, whether you are examining social trends, exploring language use in media, or looking for proof of a governmental conspiracy involving extraterrestrial contact, tools like the Guardian’s Content API will make your job easier.

API is one of those TLAs (three-letter acronyms) that is woefully uninformative. It stands for Application Programming Interface, a phrase that has a number of different meanings to the people build and use APIs, and virtually no meaning at all to those that don’t. I like to think of an API as a bridge – one which allows information to flow from one piece of software to another. In the case of the Guardian’s Content API, the bridge allows us to send requests to and receive information from the Guardian’s huge database of articles, images, and other assets.”


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