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history of communications- colour coded timeline

“I believe that the Information Age is just now starting and that we have been in the Age of Data. This has been characterized by a proliferation of relatively meaningless and useless data that has little impact on our lives. I am dedicated to transforming data into information and then into knowledge and wisdom, as well as teaching others to do the same. These steps begin by understanding the mechanics of organization and presentation. It is also imperative to know which media work well for what kinds of messages: text, sound, voice and music, animation, video, illustrations, photographs, and diagrams, video, and other forms. Using media inappropriately can destroy a message’s meaning and impact.

One of the best ways to communicate is through conversations and this is the next step for interactive products to take. It is also something that people must be helped to do well.

Communication is more than merely talking or writing. It is the most important experience with which we live. It is the key to successful business, understanding, and interaction. Good communication is critical to all interaction, whether between two friends, or many strangers. Successful communication relies on literacy with all forms of communication, including, text, images, sounds and music, voice, diagrams, numbers, and video for both producers and consumers. Being able to communicate clearly means being able to choose which medium is most appropriate to the message.

All communication is viral in nature. This is to say that the mechanisms for the creation, transformation, and transmission of all messages are analogous to those for genetic material. There are, in effect, ecologies of information and meaning that are woven into all aspects of our communications, including how we think, store, and retell our thoughts and experiences. It is my current goal to understand these mechanisms in order to build a taxonomy with which to use to create even more successful messages and help others to understand how to communicate better.”


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