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The Dynamic Media Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design is a 60-credit MFA graduate program in communication design. To accommodate various individual schedules and allow working professionals to participate in the program, DMI offers students three tracks: full-time in four semesters and part-time in five or six semesters. The only difference between tracks is the distribution of elective credits. DMI also offers a one-year fellowship — non-matriculating track — to which candidates are accepted based on specific project proposals.

First Year (or completion of 30 credits)

The first year of study is devoted to developing the intellectual foundation and creative processes for dynamic media design. Students gain expertise in interface and experience design through individual or team projects, and through research in design history and theory, structured within required design studio and seminar courses. It may take a student a minimum 2 (full-time) or maximum 4 semesters (part-time) to reach 30 credit benchmark which is, together with the approved preliminary thesis proposal, a prerequisite to proceed with MFA thesis development.

Second (or third year) / MFA thesis

All students in their second (or third year) of study in the Dynamic Media Institute MFA program are required to develop a substantive thesis that identifies, researches, and solves a communication problem using dynamic media. The majority of work toward the MFA thesis is structured within thesis project courses by individual agreement between the student and faculty advisor, who guides the program of study, and provides ongoing feedback and evaluation. A comprehensive written thesis document is developed within thesis seminar courses. The final thesis document becomes a part of the graduate design archives.


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