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MIT Physical Language Workshop


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structured planning

charles owen

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link from eva

Dear Des we will have in Poland in Katowice professor Kubasiewicz who collaborate with Dynamic Media Institute at MassArt College of Art and Design –

I hope to visit this institute on September this year.
Please take a look at their web pages – maybe we could think about some projects together?

Dynamic Media Institute at Massachusetts College of Art and Design

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The Parsons Journal for Information Mapping

The Parsons Journal for Information Mapping (PJIM) has a rolling, open call for submissioms in the following styles:

  • Traditional academic manuscripts that share empirical, methodological, and/or applied findings;
  • Research-based academic essays with proper citations;
  • Research- and/or interview-based articles; and
  • Interactive and non-interactive projects, accompanied by project documentation.

For a full, downloadable copy of the PJIM Submission Guidelines — including important information on our review process — please click here (Opens PDF document 20kb).

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The secret lives of numbers

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circular mapping

A series of film posters advertising a
Quentn Tarantino Film Festival.
Each poster explores character interaction within scenes, displayed using a circular
mapping system.


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Visual Essay project

This is an ongoing collaborative project, started in 2008, among students and staff at NWSAD to investigate alternatives to conventional academic essay writing and planning. The project aims to look at visual strategies for organising concepts, ideas and data to create an academic argument.

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