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motion graphics

an example of the use of text with music, without the text being heard.


5 Responses

  1. textmap says:

    this doesnt work at all…its just like a speeded up bad ppt presentation. It doesnt allow time for the ideas to permeate .

  2. gemmarochester says:

    Perhaps something more like this:

  3. matthewkupon says:

    The idea for motion graphic visual essays is fine, even if they don’t look too swish.

    It takes an age to do all the animation to a very high standard – like this:

    that is a well known example, but there are loads of others.

    Am I right in assuming that the point of this is exploring new ways to get a dissertation done (and not to get a flashy piece of work done at the end?)

  4. textmap says:

    well it depends what you mean by ‘flashy’ – do you mean the technical problems associated with getting something to run smoothly?

    yes it would be a shame it the mechanics of making got in the way of what was being said.

    ideally the two would work together and be quite creative.

    time based visual essays could be quite an interesting option, tho think spoken or written words as part of them are still essential to anchor meaning.

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