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Subject specific reading lists and links could be accessed via a (password enabled?) designated blog. is the one I have been collaborating with Dan on, it is a very general and wide ranging collection of inspiration and advice stemming from studio based projects for the illustration students at nwsad.

more ‘academic’ orientated thematic blogs – with links to articles and open versions of texts etc might be a good idea, as it would allow students (for example who are working on a similar dissertation topic) to share their research and discuss key ideas online.


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using the trial version of ishowu was interesting. It is very easy to use, but less easy to control. I am not sure how editable the movies are.

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diy lecture

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ppt movie option

character design fda.ppt-posterthis is a tryout using quicktime pro to save an existing ppt to a web compatible slideshow.

found out that you need the wordpress blog to be upgraded to import directly.

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good magazine

information graphics. set on flickr

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History of Visual Communicaton

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The Parsons Journal for Information Mapping

The Parsons Journal for Information Mapping (PJIM) has a rolling, open call for submissioms in the following styles:

  • Traditional academic manuscripts that share empirical, methodological, and/or applied findings;
  • Research-based academic essays with proper citations;
  • Research- and/or interview-based articles; and
  • Interactive and non-interactive projects, accompanied by project documentation.

For a full, downloadable copy of the PJIM Submission Guidelines — including important information on our review process — please click here (Opens PDF document 20kb).

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the world as flatland

1. website of the Information Design Studio,
Amsterdam (NL). 2. transferring complex
data into a flat, two-dimensional visuali-
zation. 3. metaphor for information design.
4. a different view on the world

authors of Designing universal knowledge

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useful page of links to articles on visual literacy

also interactive periiodic table of visualisation techniqes


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Guardian Open Platform blog


Our progression towards a world of open information – where data is freely available and exchangeable has been fast and furious; a boon to researchers of every stripe. Today, whether you are examining social trends, exploring language use in media, or looking for proof of a governmental conspiracy involving extraterrestrial contact, tools like the Guardian’s Content API will make your job easier.

API is one of those TLAs (three-letter acronyms) that is woefully uninformative. It stands for Application Programming Interface, a phrase that has a number of different meanings to the people build and use APIs, and virtually no meaning at all to those that don’t. I like to think of an API as a bridge – one which allows information to flow from one piece of software to another. In the case of the Guardian’s Content API, the bridge allows us to send requests to and receive information from the Guardian’s huge database of articles, images, and other assets.”

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